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My name is Vera Browne, a native of the Bahamas, raised by my grandmother Francina was known as (Dadda), in a small settlement call McQueens located on Cat Island.  At an early age, my love for cooking was ignited during the time spent in the kitchen assisting my grandmother in preparing meals. Over time, cooking became one of my greatest hobbies.


During my formative years, I began experimenting with different recipes and developing my culinary skills. I’m enthusiastically affectionate about food, especially traditional Caribbean/Bahamian cuisine with a touch of soul.  Recognizing the demand for healthy cuisine, I place great emphasis on creating healthy dishes with exceptional flavors, using fresh ingredients and traditional preparation methods handed down through generations. 

Over the past 20 years, my affinity for food became more of a focus for me, and my dream of becoming an entrepreneur with the ability to prepare Bahamian products for distribution locally and nationwide seems obtainable. I enjoy cooking and love putting a smile on people’s faces. 


If you’ve been to the Bahamas, my dishes will surely bring back fond memories for you. However, if you’ve never been don’t fret, you will have the opportunity to experience the best authentic dishes of the Island from V’s Taste of 700 Islands. After years of research and developing my brand, has led to the launch of Simply Delicious Taste and C, now known as V’s Taste of 700 Islands. Also, becoming a member of Marddy’s Shared Kitchen in 2019 has brought great value to my business potential.

We also offer "Personal Chef" for families interested in having weekly meals prepared and professional Catering services for all occasions:                 

*Executive & Corporate Lunches

*Birthday Parties


*Private Parties

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